About Us

Blackburn Eagles are a senior ice hockey club, playing in the NIHL Laidler Conference, and are based at Blackburn Ice Arena.

In April 2007, the English Ice Hockey Association restructured the age limits for competing players, reclassifying the under 19 age limit as under 18. This left many 19 year old players in the country without a team to play for regularly. One such team affected was the Blackburn Ice Hockey Development Association (BIHDA), the junior development programme for the Blackburn Hawks. Those that were deemed not good enough to play for the Hawks were left with the choice of either recreational hockey or giving up on the sport.

This is where the Blackburn Junior Hawks committee stepped in with the decision to set up a second senior team playing out of the Arena alongside the Hawks. This team, unlike the Hawks, would get no funding from the Arena. The players would primarily fund the team through monthly subs on the same basis as the junior teams. From this the Lancashire Raptors were born. The Raptors played out of the Arena from 2007 to 2012 when the decision was made to re-brand the team.

The Blackburn Eagles came to existence at the beginning of the 2012/13 season, and after an unsuccessful start after the team changed name, the current management team has taken the team from strength to strength. Gradually working their way up the Laidler Conference, the Eagles qualified for the end of season playoff weekend in 15/16, after finishing the regular season in 4th place.

Looking to build on that further in 16/17, the Eagles currently find themselves at the top of the Laidler Conference going into 2017.